Building DIY LED lights
7 måneder siden
Building an invisible monitor...
Building an invisible PC
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Converting devices to USB Type-C
Testing a $1000 LED
DIY 'brass' PC
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DIY Perks Studio Tour
Senku Meow
Senku Meow Time siden
I'm not able to find a control board, is there any other alternative
Olek Geuskens
Olek Geuskens Time siden
he's talking like im going to build this
KLASIKS Time siden
as more components are added i went from saying i will do this to i cant do this lol.nice
FinalFlash Time siden
where is the guide
Nugenman Gaming
Nugenman Gaming Time siden
at :20 he said it sounds mass produced that thing is not mass produced let me tell ya
Owen Kozec
Owen Kozec Time siden
would it be possible to add a charging port/mechanism within the unit to avoid taking the batteries out?
EnderJoker Time siden
POV: I do this i spend an hour doing it and i spill water on it when it boots
Oddnonymous Gaming
Oddnonymous Gaming Time siden
You make things I can only think of, i love it
FinalFlash Time siden
speakers are out of stock
Vincent I
Vincent I Time siden
The tweeter (treble) range is not pronounced other than that ..l audio sounds good 🙂👍
Edman Time siden
I'd call those PTSD or Portal Turret Speaker Duo :D Very nice!
radu Time siden
One of the best projects yet! Thank you for your awesome content!
Sick Boi-Raphael
Sick Boi-Raphael Time siden
that's a mad DIY!!!!!!!!! even better than the Bose, increditable !!!!
L Z Time siden
Brilliant. Buying two matching Bluetooth speakers that are capable of stereo pairing is $$$. Could be easily adapted to some old second-hand/ thrift store computer or TV system speakers instead of building an entire enclosure.
Silas Clausen
Silas Clausen Time siden
Thought it was gonna be scuffed but this is amazing
Jared Thomson
Jared Thomson Time siden
Man, I can't believe you didn't integrate a charger. Killer project, but that'd be such an upgrade. Well done, none the less.
Senku Meow
Senku Meow Time siden
I wish,he did the same with phones,I literally have 3 phones lying around with no use
Adnan Khan
Adnan Khan Time siden
Solution: make a window
abhishek sasidharan
abhishek sasidharan Time siden
Fact: Sometimes big companies make mistakes that can be solved by a third party with simple and effective solutions. Moral of the video: You don't needed to be an engineer in your resume to be an actual engineer!!!! Reminds me of an Akai cassette player which used a complete cassette rotating mechanism for AUTO REVERSE. An other company used a simple magnetic play head rotating mechanism and call it a day!!!!!!
Ch3sm0829 Time siden
this man could single handedly solve every of humanitys problems just with a sheet of brass
Ev3rM0r3 2 timer siden
Honestly the bose had better highs. I probably would have opted for a real silk dome tweeter or even a small planar driver as the top instead of a 2 full range mid woofers. They doo like like nice speakers though and I had never considered using headphones in this fashion. Cool idea.
Tat 2 timer siden
when's the guide being posted?
Danny Brewood
Danny Brewood 2 timer siden
Wow!! That is bloody sweeeet!!!!!
Asad Lalani
Asad Lalani 2 timer siden
It was nice to see this custom solution. However, I am interested to learn how you managed the noise from your retro cooling fan assembly. The camera would surely catch that.
Arek R.
Arek R. 2 timer siden
No built in charger and need to undo FOUR SCREW for EACH to even get them out??? And two separate battery circuits just so you don't have to challenge yourself with grounding? BOOO
fresh cha
fresh cha 2 timer siden
You need a friend to test the sound me - search how to make a friend DIY
le computer
le computer 2 timer siden
dont worry its just wearing camo
TheDeeGee 2 timer siden
Hope someone manages to identify the music near the end.
Zachary Child
Zachary Child 2 timer siden
Insane! Well done
Gboy 2 timer siden
Wha- those speakers make the Bose sound bar sound so shallow and empty! but usually that's what the sound bar does to other speakers!
DocSavage6 3 timer siden
You do beautiful work and this is especially stunning to watch beginning to end. Thank you for your hard work and for entertaining us.
16:50 but it can't beat bose
xXMightywhiteXx 3 timer siden
and the price of broken earbud trippples overnight. But damn, the sound was good.
Abdul Haadi
Abdul Haadi 3 timer siden
please upload the guide
The Darkivist
The Darkivist 3 timer siden
What did you think to Rob Inglis narrating Lord of the Rings? He has also done The Hobbit however Audible released a version of The Hobbit with Andy Serkis narrating last year and it's so good. Give it a crack, I reckon you'd enjoy it.
DIY Perks
DIY Perks 3 timer siden
Yeah, I'll have to check that out! Really enjoyed Rob's version but I can imagine Andy Serkis doing a superb job!
I wanna understand how single BT connection Connect two devices i mean if one should be Master other should slave but which wireless protocol is used to send signal from master to slave again Bluetooth or just radio wave or both pair receives Bluetooth signal from Mobile phone ?
Banrick 3 timer siden
4God And Country
4God And Country 3 timer siden
One of your best DIY
vinay joseph
vinay joseph 4 timer siden
Suppose you have a free tv at home and an old smartphone(no mhl support).how can you use the smartphone like a cpu and create a simple computer?(casting is not cool!!!)(smartphone interface is also acceptable, features like samsung dex not acceptable-its really an old phone) is there a convertor than can convert hdmi to the specific smartphone's display female pin thingy? usb debugging for mouse.
GrandizerGo 4 timer siden
Coming in late, and reading the comments after watching this video.... Edited to add this early in the paragraph, I had thought that cameras had timers to keep them from recording longer than a certain period of time to get around some sort of taxes on video cameras... I would have sworn that the manufacturers are charged a lot more for a video camera than a still camera and when they added video to cameras, there was a battle about why the manufacturers did not think they had to pay the video price on a still camera that they added video to. Note this was from many years ago, so maybe it is moot now? I suspect a few things will happen now though... 1) Canon will add things in places where your system is so that it is NOT possible to use it. 2) Canon should be using this system of video and stabilization on a video camera at maybe 20% more, bigger so the heating issue is not a problem, and make bank.
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh 4 timer siden
Adam Hughes
Adam Hughes 4 timer siden
What a legend.
Michael Keller
Michael Keller 4 timer siden
start selling premanufactured kits already ;)
afk4dyz 4 timer siden
That Lil baby amp is insane.
Роман Михеев
Роман Михеев 4 timer siden
Вспомнился журнал из детства "Как нарисовать сову" :D
fireballtube 4 timer siden
Predict a lot of fingerprints on screen. Its need to motorize lift system :)
RareMaestro 4 timer siden
Just discovered this channel of yours and I have to say its just fantastic. I would say don't give up on this, I really believe you have a very interesting concept here and with some improvements (like adding some LED's xD) could be very viable.
Péter Bonnez
Péter Bonnez 4 timer siden
Wonderful -
G Thomas
G Thomas 4 timer siden
If you put Matt & Colin Furze in a video just imagine the shit they'd create together.
Lxrd Beats
Lxrd Beats 4 timer siden
Ps5 gold 🔥❤️ one in a million
Sunil Sgec
Sunil Sgec 5 timer siden
You could have added a charging Option to the speakers 🤦
Luis List
Luis List 5 timer siden
do a video on the hobbit house
YellowVanMan 5 timer siden
The bomb he dropped when all this time he's been using a repurposed mic in his videos.
Noah Morales
Noah Morales 5 timer siden
You should sell these I would totally buy them.
Md Ashif Ansari
Md Ashif Ansari 5 timer siden
Thanks but......imma stick to building my own pc
Abhi M W
Abhi M W 5 timer siden
it would have been better if you have included charging circuits in them because removing screws and fixing them again may cause the wood loosen.
RockinRobbins13 5 timer siden
Error! You recommend a 9.6v charger when you need a 12v charger to charge 10 NiMh batteries. It's easy to buy the right charger, knowing the voltage of the 10 cell battery pack, but some may not know to look out for the discrepancy.
Transcended Disciple
Transcended Disciple 5 timer siden
Think I'll get a Kiwi Co gadget for my kid
lollol 695
lollol 695 5 timer siden
You see brass, I see gold.
Comentator 5 timer siden
Nobsound for 40$ amp for 2 speakers ...
Alfred Stoppels
Alfred Stoppels 5 timer siden
Love it! Nice job
nem tudom
nem tudom 5 timer siden
Video idea: Battery replacements! For anything really. Im about to replace the NiCd batteries of my bosch cordless drill with Li Ion batteries, and i realised i dont know anything about battery voltages. You could talk about how to get more juice out of the thing, by putting the cells in parallel, or how serial increases the voltage, it would be cool as hell!
PomChatChat 6 timer siden
Instructions unclear. My dog is now deaf.
Luis List
Luis List 6 timer siden
am i the only one who wants a video on the hobbit house????
Elimar Zordan
Elimar Zordan 6 timer siden
Impressive quality
may251986 6 timer siden
what songs does he play at the end?
Esoteric Bear
Esoteric Bear 6 timer siden
I was with you until you brought out the walnut. At this point, at least in the US, I think making it out of solid gold would be cheaper & easier to get.
Zaj lord
Zaj lord 6 timer siden
what the fuck? dyi is sposed to looks like waterbottle or some other trash, this is fokin awesome... Witchery!
03Lugnut 6 timer siden
Can you just come to my house and make me an awesome gaming/ office desk area with all your amazing projects? Thank you 😀
Ros Mog
Ros Mog 6 timer siden
These look exactly like House Of Marley speakers lol
Vinter Loft
Vinter Loft 6 timer siden
And then you realize the Fujifilm X-T4 downsamples its 4K from 6K and can do 60 FPS for half the price and never overheats with even better colour. (Even if Canon isn't far behind) *Hurr durr but muh full frame that gets cropped when I film anyway*
Maurice 6 timer siden
I love the fact that he is calling this „home made“ 😂❤️
Maurice 7 timer siden
Would love to make these... but I only have broken earbuds. 😬🥲
Sadiq Nadeem
Sadiq Nadeem 7 timer siden
Wow ❤️❤️
Tryston Kincannon
Tryston Kincannon 7 timer siden
Wifi,? Nonono use either cable
Tryston Kincannon
Tryston Kincannon 7 timer siden
Okay, you need the hidden features, such as the playstation [=] X ^ o hidden patterns on the back.
RoofusKit 7 timer siden
Kind of ridiculous to not include a charging circuit. You didn't have to do separate batteries if you had included an isolation transformer and a switching regulator for the bluetooth portion. The single battery pack would have made it much easier to include a charging circuit inside would would have made these WAY more convenient.
perry barker
perry barker 7 timer siden
well done that man
SwissRCVideos 7 timer siden
Imagine you have the Disc edition. It would be as much harder ;-)
Lance Burke
Lance Burke 7 timer siden
Nice video, complete and instructional!